During the 1987 SIAM National Meeting, David Field (General Motors), Joe McGrath (KMS Fusion), and Richard Hill (Michigan Statue University) noted that mathematicians and others in related disciplines who resided in Michigan and its environs have been active in SIAM since its inception in 1952. They agreed that a SIAM Section focused on industrial mathematics and mathematicians would benefit all SIAM members in their region and surrounding areas


In 1988 the National Office of SIAM approved the current charter of The Great Lakes Section (GLSIAM) with members drawn from Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana, Southern Ontario and surrounding areas. The charter has the unique feature that a representative from industry and a representative from academe share the office of the President. This structure emphasizes the focus on industrial problems, promotes participation by industry and maintains strong ties with the academic community. In the

Autumn of 1988, The University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada hosted the initial meeting of the Great Lakes Section. This meeting constituted the first international event of any SIAM Section.


Since its inception, the Section has evoked participation from a wide constituency of industrial organizations such as General Motors, Ford, Environmental Research Institute, Air Force Institute of Technology, Opcon Assoc., and Molecular Mining. Also, a diverse set of universities (Michigan, Michigan State, Oakland, Toledo, Bowling Green, Purdue, Toronto, Windsor, Waterloo) have played key roles.


The Section has organized a variety of programs. Examples include:

-         One and two day meetings of Special Interest Groups:

-         Computational Fluid Dynamics

-         Mathematics for Computer Aided Design

-         Numerics and Modeling for Partial Differential Equations

-        Complexity and Analytics

-         Afternoon lectures on topics such as Industry / Education Cooperation at the high school and undergraduate level.

-         Workshops on Features in Computer Aided Design and on industrial mathematics

-         Collaborations with other professional organizations such as MAA, ESD and The Fields Institute.









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