CIS 350 Machine Problem 4
                       (Alternative B)
                           Fall `96
     Your final assignment will give you an opportunity to work 
with HTML or Java and graphs. Your task is to write a series of  
interconnected web pages which organize the lecture material for 
this course CIS 350.

     You should begin by downloading the latest version of the MS 
Word file ~bmaxim/public_html/cis350.doc. Please note this file 
will be revised until the last day of class on 12-9-96. Your next 
step should be to construct a logical network of the links among 
the various topics (e.g. chaining is related to linked lists and 
so are stacks and queues). If properly done, your hyper text 
document will not resemble either a linear list or tree at all. 
Once you have constructed such a network, you are ready to begin 
constructing web pages.

     You may use either HTML or Java to implement your problem 
solution (products like MS Front-page will not build anything but 
a very long single page for the lecture notes). Your completed 
application must be runable from the CIS homage (without any 
modification of page links - since I would like to post the best 
solution to this problem and give the authors credit). You must 
devise a systematic testing strategy and you must provide 
evidence (screen dumps, testimony from neutral observers, etc.) 
that your web pages really perform as indicated. 

     You will need to turn in a well commented source listing of 
your problem solution, which includes the messages generated by 
the compiler (in the cased of Java). You will need to turn in a  
sample session with your product, the URL where your pages may be 
copied from, and a 3 to 5 page memo describing your solution with 
emphasis on the rationale behind your topic network and the 
details of your testing methodology. This project is due at our 
final exam on 12-13-96.